Moving goods from one country to another relies on global Transport and Logistics networks. Their speed, cost, and reliability depend crucially on the ability of border agencies to clear goods efficiently, at the same time as preserving important security and safety objectives. Beyond a narrow focus on border procedures, the new Trade Facilitation agenda is expanding to include all sources of trade costs. Transport and Logistics markets play a vital role in connecting buyers and sellers at all points in the value chain. A country’s ability to connect to international Transport networks, and ensure that goods are transferred efficiently from international gateways to the rest of the country, is a crucial determinant of competitiveness. DTC has in-depth experience of analyzing Trade Facilitation, Logistics, and Connectivity issues. Its Principal, Dr. Ben Shepherd, has been involved in a wide variety of work in this area, ranging from developing new methods to measure country-level Connectivity in international Transport networks, to co-authoring the World Bank’s flagship report Connecting to Compete: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy. DTC is a leading provider of policy-relevant research and analytical services in this area.